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Boost Your Health and Reach Your Goals with Top-Quality Supplements


This properly designed full spectrum multivitamin & mineral formula includes a “controlled release” delivery system to release nutrients throughout the day to optimize absorption and usage. This formula has levels of Vitamins A, C and E to support the antioxidant needs of exercising individuals. Now includes Choline! It contains higher amounts of Vitamin D, not typically found in other formulas. Vitamin D is necessary for bone health. Proper Vitamin D levels are associated with greater health outcomes. 3rd party tested by NSF Certification for Sport



Those looking to lose weight/body fat or maintain results, increase protein intake to help preserve lean mass, and control calories. The ingredients in this formula have been shown to support weight loss, help to control hunger and provide long lasting energy. It contains less than 200 calories per serving, with zero added sugar. 6-7 grams of fiber per serving to help control hunger. Sustained release carbohydrates for long lasting energy



Calcium carbonate has the highest calcium content by weight and has superior absorption when taken with food.  Contains cofactors needed to maximize calcium absorption and support bone health: Vitamin D3, Vitamin K (1 & 2), magnesium and boron.  Complements any of the dotFIT multivitamin and mineral formulas, keeping total intake in the safe and recommended nutrient range.


WeightLoss & LiverSupport

Individuals with unwanted fat as a result of weight gain, which can also lead to excess fat accumulation in the liver, resulting in oxidative stress and decreased overall liver health. This formula contains specific ingredients that support weight loss, healthy fat utilization, and promote healthy liver function. Also contains African Mango, (irvingia gabonensis) which has been shown to positively affect the appetite to help curb hunger and support weight loss. Stimulant free



This formula contains the correct ratio and milligrams of EPA to DHA (3:2) which have been shown to have positive health benefits. No mercury or harmful PCBs. Made from wild caught Alaska Pollock. NSF Certified for Sport for purity, potency and label accuracy.  Certified sustainable and traceable by the Marine Stewardship Council



Anyone looking to take their training and performance to the next level. Creatine monohydrate is made and stored in the body. Supplementation has been shown to increase strength, power and muscle size; improve recovery from high intensity exercise, and enhance athletic performance. Creatine monohydrate recycles your body’s immediate energy stores, allowing you to train more intensely. It also provides a cell volumizing effect, which drives more nutrients and water into the cells to maximize protein synthesis (building).

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